Gun Slings Created for the "What ifs.."

What are the odds that..

Shit hits the fan and you find yourself alone in the wilderness with nothing but your rifle and the clothes on your back?

The answer to that is highly debatable. Probably not likely to happen but what if...

Our Paracord Gun Slings are designed for the what if..

They're made with over 60ft of 550lb Paracord that can be used in an emergency. The uses are endless... tourniquet, tow rope, secure a tent, bootlace, belt, snare, tripwire, anchor rope, etc. etc.

Every one of our slings are comparable in price to "traditional slings" but have the added security and insurance of built-in paracord...

Why not use a sling that does everything the others do but has the added security of 80ft of paracord?

Don't be left stranded in the woods without one!

Thank You

We appreciate your purchase.  We're a Family-Owned Small Business.  We are exceptionally passionate about the Outdoors.  We Hike. We Camp.  We Hunt.  We believe in 2nd Amendment Rights. 

Our Vision is to provide Functional, Stylish, and Versatile products to Outdoorsman like you.

Take a look around at our Products.  If you have any questions, please drop us a line via email or facebook chat.

Hope we can enhance your Outdoors lifestyle.

All The Best,


Founder | Chief Product Tester